Grayling Charter Township Zoning Ordinance (Draft 10-3-2018)  Updated


Rezoning of Deferred Development Properties

Grayling Township Planning Commission will be holding a Public Hearing to recommend an adoption of New Zoning Ordinance.  The hearing is to take place on September 12, 2018 at 5:00pm, at the Grayling Township Hall, 2090 Viking Way, Grayling, MI 49738.

Notice from the DEQ

The DEQ has notified us of the following,

"Tuesday Sept 18 through Friday Sept 21, we will be using a drone to fly the shoreline of Lake Margrethe using an infrared camera looking for groundwater seeps and springs.  This is to find where groundwater enters the lake, so we can target areas to sample concerning the PFAS contamination.  We will be flying the drone 50-100 feet above ground level, looking straight down.  We will not be flying over anyone’s property or looking at anyone’s property. We will be using two pontoon boats; one to actually fly the drone from and the other as a visual observer to keep eyes on the drone at all times.  Time of flights each day will vary dependent on the weather.


We have permission from the Army National Guard and will be in contact with the Grayling Air Traffic Control Tower during the flights.  Attached is a picture of the Matrice Drone 210 FYI.  This is a small, quadcopter style drone."