Building Department

The Grayling Charter Township Building Department, under the direction of building official Robert Dixon, can handle all aspects of your building project. The township issues electrical, mechanical, plumbing and general building permits and performs all necessary inspections. Inspections are done in the order received, and 24-hour advanced notification of the need for an inspection must be given. No permits shall be issued after 4 pm.

Permit Applications

Plain Application

Electrical Application

Plumbing Application

Mechanical Application

You may now purchase your building permits online with a 3% fee, $2.00 minimum. Applications for Building and Plan Review must call (989) 348-4361 for pricing. Plumbing, Electrical, and Mechanical permits can pay as shown on the application.


Tax Assessing

The Assessing Dept. of Grayling Charter Township works to ensure that all residents are taxed equally and fairly at 50% of true cash value. The assessor also sets the tax base, writes property reports, updates property files, assesses new homes and updates properties for Grayling Charter Township Board of Review, which is held annually in March. The assessor also applies special assessments and lot splits.


Application for Land Division/Split or Land Combination

Property Assessment Data

Fee Schedule



Zoning Enforcement

The Grayling Charter Township Zoning Administrator is Supervisor, Lacey D. Stephan III. The zoning administrator is responsible for interpreting, administering, and enforcing the Grayling Charter Township Zoning Ordinance and all other ordinances. The ZBA works closely with the township planning commission and zoning board of appeals to ensure current zoning is working for the residents.