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Board of Trustees Minutes


JUNE 21, 2017

Members Present: Claudia Selthoffer, Duane Brooks, Rick Harland, JoAnn Michal, Cindy Olson, Monica Ashton, Dennis Long.

Members Absent: None.

Others Present: Cliff Tate, Lacey Stephan, Joyce Frazier, Eugene Frazier, Jim McMillan, Theresa Brown, Ray Franz, Mike Ingalls.

1. Supervisor Harland called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.

2. Correspondence and reports for May 2017 (No action required): Animal Control, Central Dispatch, Attorney Report, GFD Activity Report, Building Department Permit Report.

3. Motion by Brooks, second by Selthoffer, to approve minutes of May 17, 2017 as presented. All ayes, motion carried.

4. Treasurer’s Report for May was reviewed and placed on file.

5. Citizens Who Wish To Speak: Teresa Brown, Camp Grayling, reported that 156 wells have been tested and at least 150 more to be tested in the area SW of the Grayling Army Airfield. Results should begin coming in about two weeks. There will be another Town Hall Meeting the third week of August. Ray Franz of Onekama, announced his candidacy for District State Representative in the 2018 Primary Election.

6. Motion by Brooks, second by Olson, to recess regular meeting and convene Public Hearing regarding establishment of a Special Assessment District for Maintenance of Arbutus Lane. All ayes, motion carried.



Supervisor explained the purpose of the public hearing is to receive and review public comment regarding the necessity of establishing a Special Assessment District for Private Road Maintenance, including snowplowing, for Arbutus Lane, T27N, R3W, Section 33. There are eleven property owners to be assessed. Estimated cost is $4,000.00 per year for five years.
Cliff Tate, Eugene Frazier and Joyce Frazier spoke in favor of the project. No one spoke in opposition. There was no correspondence.

8. Motion by Brooks, second by Selthoffer, to close Public Hearing and reconvene regular meeting. All ayes, motion carried.

9. Motion by Long, second by Brooks, that subsequent to a public hearing, this Board determines that there is a necessity to establish a Special Assessment District for Private Road Maintenance of Arbutus Lane. The Supervisor is authorized to schedule a Public Hearing for review of the Assessment Roll. All ayes, motion carried.

10. Petition requirements and schedules were discussed for Roberts Road and Sherwood Forest proposed Special Assessment Districts for paving. Jim McMillan, petition circulator, spoke in favor.

11. Motion by Long, second by Brooks, to adopt Grayling Charter Township Ordinance UA-1 (Utility Authority-one) to regulate the connection, use, operation and participation in the Beaver Creek-Grayling Township Utilities Authority. Long, aye; Brooks, aye; Olson, aye; Ashton, aye; Harland, aye; Michal, aye; Selthoffer, aye. Motion carried. (See attachment “A”)

12. Discussion of changes in the Marijuana Dispensary Laws. Advised to take no action at this time.

13. Diane Giska, Office Manager, reported rebates for at least $1,050.00 on the HVAC system (heating & cooling), recently replaced in the Township Hall, are forthcoming.

14. Harland reported that we are still waiting on a decision on the Lincoln Park Road End litigation.

15. Discussion regarding Grayling Promotional Association suggestion to expand gazebo, front of Township Hall into info center. JoAnn Michal will research.

16. Motion by Long, second by Michal, to establish power to light the American Flag in front of Township Hall. All ayes, motion carried.

17. Motion by Brooks, second by Michal, to approve payment of claims on vouchers 343 through 379 and liquor inspections of $100.00, for a grand total of $51,019.67. All ayes, motion carried.

18. Motion by Brooks, second by Michal, to adjourn. All ayes, motion carried.

Monica Ashton, C.M.C.
Grayling Charter Township Clerk

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